How Safe is Your Truck? Compare It to These Ram 1500 Features

Explore the Ram 1500 to learn about the many safety features that this light-duty pickup truck has to offer. You’ll quickly come to understand why this truck garners so much attention.

Advanced Airbag Technology

There is innovative technology in the Ram 1500 airbags that provides advanced protection in the event of an accident. That’s because the amount of cushion provided adapts to your size and the nature of the crash.

Forward Collision Warning

?When potential frontal impact is detected, technology in the Ram 1500 will issue an alert. It will even apply the brakes to protect occupants. The initial alert provided is audible. You’ll feel more secure driving a 1500.

Contact us here at Yucca Valley Chrysler Center to check out the safety features in the Ram 1500. You can learn much more about this truck by going on a test drive. You’ll understand why it’s all the rage.

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